Tara Stewart

The Myers-Briggs would type her as ENFJ but her real name is Tara Stewart. As most people, she survived her childhood. She found using creativity as a positive outlet through painting, drawing and music. When the video camera entered the household, it was all she needed to pick it up and started making home movies. The duality of her passions of textile creative and digital creative have always gone hand in hand and thusly today she has two bachelor’s degrees which have professionalized the theme of diversity in creativity.

Upon return to Los Angeles from a Spanish sabbatical in Granada, to learn flamenco guitar, she has been freelancing for several guitar people and companies which led up to starting her own company, Flamenco Explained LLC, with Kai Narezo

She’s continued the siesta vibe and enjoys dog walks, gardening, baking bread and building things from wood. Before her European adventure, Tara spent the previous five years as the L.A.-based Digital Video Producer for the Fender Musical Instruments Corp. and Creative Director for Richard Elfman’s online magazine, Buzzine. From videos to design, to making you a work bench to growing tons of zuccchini and sunflowers, Tara dives in all the way. She also paints murals on the walls of her home sometimes. 

Tara has traveled to other exotic far-off places such as Scotland and Central America but prefers Hawaii. Some accomplishments she is proud of are: summiting Longs Peak, (the mountain that held steadfast above her through childhood), and finishing the 2012 LA Marathon. Her heroes are Dan Savage, and Ralph Smart. They know what’s up.



Renaissance woman of the modern era – she can probably help you if you need her to.
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